Welcome to Yoochun Media!

Welcome to YCMedia!

First of all thank you for visiting the website and welcome to a fan website created to Yoochun.

Many will think… what’s the difference, it will be the same as every other web? The asnwer is: NO.
YCMedia is going to post/share all Media of Yoochun that is having or is going to have on the future, here we have the present and future, about the past, it’s quite simply, every video/photo/new about Yoochun that you are looking for let us know by sending an email to: yoochunmedia@gmail.com, will be answer in a Post called 옛날 (long ago) and there, we will share your request so everyone that could be interested can have a look.

New changes happened and we can gladly announce that we are part of  ‘Global Seoul Mates’ so aside from news related to Yoochun we will post things about Seoul (travelling, places and many more).

First of all respect and no bashing at all.

Right now we can’t have our own translations because of time, so we are going to share others with you, giving full credits. So please do the same.

At any picture or video that other members or famous people are showed, we aren’t going to cut them. It’s part of the story so everything will be intact and please!

Last thing, be patience because right now we just started, and thanks! Enjoy your time here!

Do you like time travel? Let’s go to the past, present and future of Park Yoochun.



[NEWS] 130411 TV Drama Directors choose Top “Combination” Actors – Yoochun

 photo tumblr_lr5hjiqI0h1qeb8izo1_500_zpsb74bf9c5.jpg

To make a good TV drama needs an outstanding script, acting skill and director. With good script and director as the start, the next is to choose roles to determine if the drama is successful. Similar to actors who encounter  good scripts and director, scripts and director whether can find good actors are equally important.

Actors when choosing roles, the most important is to suit the role. But to those who are combination actors are exceptional. Even though they look like they does not suit the role but because of their outstanding ability to digest the role, the force to overcome difficulties becomes very great. This is why a production company even though needs to pay a considerable amount of acting fee as similar to production cost also scramble to select “combination actors” as a reason.

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[TWITTER] 130408 Junsu’s mother tweets about Yoochun

@zunoxiahmom:  재중 유천!~저랑같이 사진 찍어준후에 어머님 감사합니다!! 그말…따뜻하고 예의바른 두사람이 참 예뻤습니다~^^ http://twitpic.com/chye5d

[TRANS] Jaejoong, Yoochun!~ They said, ‘Thank you, Mum’ after taking a photo together!!! Those words… This two who are warm hearted and polite, really good looking~^^

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[NEWS] 130407 JYJ Park Yoochun, ‘As Long As I Don’t Go Bankrupt, I Want To Work For a Long Time’

 photo 61693-yoochun-work-for-the-longest-time_zps798ea4ae.jpg
Group JYJ’s member Yoochun revealed that he wants to work for a long time in his career.

Yesterday, group JYJ held a press conference for their concert ‘The Return of the JYJ’ in Tokyo Dome of Japan.

On this day, Yoochun said, “Our goal is to keep doing this work for the longest time possible. As long as we don’t go bankrupt, I want to work for a long time. I want to be even more active but I’m sad that there are so many restrictions. But I will be thankful with the things given to me and try my best.”

About being in the 10th year since their debut, Junsu said, “Now that I look at it, it is. We debuted when I was a sophomore in high school, and I’m already 28. There were many happy moments and hard moments for the past 10 years, but I think I learned life lessons that one can’t easily experience. We will now go for our 20th debut anniversary.”

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